The Book Buying Tag

I’ve been meaning to do this tag for awhile now but blogging itself took a backseat to the chaotic nature of life. But I’m back (hopefully)! School has been in session for the past three weeks and I’ve managed to balance school, applying to colleges my various extracurricular and volunteer work somewhat and am no longer going crazy (i think…it’s too early to tell). Anyway my hiatus is over for the most part and I’ll be posting more regularly now! The lovely Iman over at Muggles and Mundanes tagged me for the Book Buying Tag what feels like forever ago and I’ve finally gotten around to it. So without further ado here it is.Read More »


Game of Thrones Book Tag

I am obsessed with Game of Thrones! I am a bit of a latecomer to this fandom (I was only 11 when the TV show premiered back in 2011)  but I binge watched the first 5 seasons last year in the months leading up to season six and although it is a relatively new discovery for me it didn’t take long for the show to sweep me off my feet. Like countless of others I have been highly anticipating season 7 premiere tonight and have spent the week preparing by rewatching all of season 6 and I’m so ready for the premiere. I saw this tag earlier today over at Thrice Reads blog and knew I had to have a go but this tag was originally created by the BiblioNyan and you should definitely check out both of their posts!

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Name a book that you originally loved, but upon a re-read realized that it wasn’t so great after all.

My reading tastes have changed drastically over the years and there are plenty of books that upon a re-read I didn’t like as much. But one that immediately comes to mind is The Mark of the Tala by Jeffe Kennedy. I remember reading it years ago and loving it but once I decided to re-read it last year, my opinion had changed. I think it may be that I’ve become a touch more critical as a reader but I just didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would.


Name your most anticipated book release for 2017.

My most anticipated release for the rest of 2017 would have to be The Ship of the Dead by Rick Riordan. I love the Magnus Chase series and am super excited for the next installment. Tower of Dawn by Sarah J Maas is also a close second


Name a book that you felt completely slayed with fantastic characters, plot, pacing, etc.

Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfus is a perfect book. The plot is great and keeps your interest, the pacing is absolutely perfect even though it would seem like it would be a little slow since the books are huge and the characters have a special place in my heart.


Name a book that ended with a cliffhanger ending that genuinely pissed you off.

That cliffhanger at the end of Lord of Shadows was both saddening and infuriating. I was pissed off mainly because I would have to wait 2 years to address everything that happened at the end and to find out what happened.


Name a book or book series, that’s been on your TBR since the dawn of time.

A Game of Thrones is, funnily enough, a book that has been in my TBR pile forever and will probably continue to be for awhile. I’ll probably read the series once all the books have come out and I’m craving some GOT later on once the series has come to an end.


Name the most graphic or disturbing book that you’ve ever read.

I usually read YA and Romance and so far have yet to come across a book that disturbed me so I don’t have an answer for this.


Name a book, or book series, that gets better and better with every re-read.

I don’t re-read many books but the few I do get better every single time. I always find something new in Harry Potter when I re-read it and it somehow reaches new heights of greatness each time.

I hope you enjoyed this tag. Are you a fan of the book or the show? Are you watching the premiere tonight? I’d love to know!

Happy reading (or watching)!

Books to Read in Pairs Tag

They say the best things come in pairs and books are no exception. I saw this tag over on Thrice Reads blog and it looked like a lot of fun. In this tag, you take 5-10 pairs of books that you think to compliment each other. This seems like a great way to avoid a book hangover or if you’re in the mood for a book of a similar feel. So here is the Books to Read in Pairs Tag. weaselytwinsRead More »

Book Blogger Confession Tag

The school year is winding to a close and that means more time for reading! I have a bunch of reviews and discussions coming your way soon, with school ending the creative juices have begun flowing and I’m really excited for the summer. It’s always nice to get things off your chest so I thought I’d do the Book Blogger Confession Tag. I found the tag questions on a random google image search but here go my bookish confessions. confessionsRead More »