My Month in Books: January’18 Edition

Since my GoodReads goal was set at 1 book I can now say that I’ve already finished my GoodReads goal of the year! It was a bit of a struggle but I made it…barely. All joking aside, I had a really good reading month. I read six book in total and I ended up enjoying all of them. Not a bad seed in the bunch. Which was totally unexpected and awesome. I was hoping to finish my current read ( The Fiery Cross) in time, but didn’t make it with a little less than 50 pages left but that’ll definitely be my first read of February, and before I keep prattling along for ages here are the books that made up January for me.

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August Wrap-Up

Summer is over and the school year is in full swing bringing with it all the hectic deadlines and countless assignments. But before all of that I had quite a successful reading month, devouring a sum total of 25 books. Nowhere near the 50 of July but a real feat nonetheless. Despite the differences in the number of books, the trend generally remained the same of me reading paranormal and romance novels. Here are the books I read this month.


Patricia Briggs

Moon Called Mercy Thompson #1 2000px-4-5_stars-svg

Blood Bound  Mercy Thompson #2 4_stars-svg

Iron Kissed  Mercy Thompson #3 4_stars-svg

Bone Crossed  Mercy Thompson #4 4_stars-svg

Silver Borne  Mercy Thompson #5 4_stars-svg

River Marked  Mercy Thompson #6 4_stars-svg

Frost Burned  Mercy Thompson #7 4_stars-svg

Night Broken  Mercy Thompson #8 4_stars-svg

Fire Touched  Mercy Thompson #9 4_stars-svg

Silence Broken Mercy Thompson #10 4_stars-svg



Hunting Ground Alpha and Omega #2 4_stars-svg

Fair Game Alpha and Omega #3 4_stars-svg

Dead Heat Alpha and Omega #4 4_stars-svgalphaandomega


The Warlord Wants Forever by Kresley Cole 2000px-2_stars-svg


Paranormal as a genre is great cause their are so many books in one series that if you end up liking them you have about a dozen books lined up that’ll generally last you awhile. But since I am a fast reader I tend to read a book or two a day and so I usually end up finishing said 12 book series in just under a week. So that is how I ended up reading the entire Mercy Thompson series along with the spin off series. I ended up trying Kresley Coles series as well but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I would have liked so I stopped at book 1.


Wardrobe Malfunction by Samantha Towle 535px-3_stars-svgwardrobe malfunction

Tyed by L.J. Shen 4_stars-svg


Nero by Sarah Brianne 535px-3_stars-svg

Vincent by Sarah Brianne 535px-3_stars-svg

Lucca by Sarah Brianne 535px-3_stars-svgmademen


Royally Endowed by Emma Chase 535px-3_stars-svgroyally endowed

Tapping the Billionaire by Max Monroe 4_stars-svg

Scoring the Billionaire by Max Monroe 4_stars-svg

Banking the Billionaire by Max Monroe 4_stars-svgbillionaires


Beautiful by Christina Lauren 4_stars-svg


At this point I’m sure it’s pretty obvious that I enjoy me some romance novels but in the past few months I’ve read quite a few and the genre itself is getting a bit repetitive for me. Despite that I enjoyed a lot of these books, I finished the Beautiful series and discovered a new favorite author Max Monroe. Her billionaire series is hilarious, i was in stitches the whole time I was reading her books.  


The Awakening by Kate Chopin 4_stars-svgthe awakening

This was my summer reading assignment for my AP English class and it wasn’t all that bad. It was super easy to read and although at times it was a bit dry I didn’t end up hating it as I usually do with reading assignments.

That is it for all the books I read this month! What are some of your favorite reads this month?

Happy Reading!


Classics you NEED to read

Classics; for many people that word is followed by a shudder as well as general distaste towards the entire genre and 3 years ago that would have been me as well. But now that I’ve actually read classics outside the English classroom, I find that they’re not all that bad. Sure they are sometimes dense and hard to follow but once you get used to them they’re actually pretty great. So for anyone who isn’t a huge fan of classics these books I’m about to recommend you should hopefully make you more inclined to read them as they did for me. So now here are some classics you NEED to read. Read More »

Ikram’s Theory of Bookish Evolution

It’s not so much a theory than it is just an observation. Most of us all learned to read at around 5-6. A select few of us got sucked into the book world and have become bona fide book nerd, but although we may have always loved reading books, our tastes in books range far and wide and as we aged (like a fine wine) our reading preferences changed and evolved. I am here to present one such case study. Today we will all see how my reading tastes have changed through my short but spirited seventeen years.

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December Wrap Up 2016

I didn’t have the best reading month in December but it wasn’t the worst either. I had reached my goodreads reading goal at the beginning of the month and I was too preoccupied by school to make sure I set aside more time for reading, so because of that this month I only read four books. Over the winter break I only finished one book and got halfway through two book so it wasn’t that bad.  It’s not bad but I usually read much more but either way here are the books that I read in the month of December. 

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