Too Many GIFs? Is There Such A Thing?

I think we can all agree that the best part of writing review or discussions is the part when you’re searching up GIFs. The search for the perfect GIF that encapsulates all your feelings can sometimes be long and require you to go through almost ten pages of Google searches but once you find that perfect GIF it makes your post just that much better. This now begs the question is there such a thing as too many GIFS? I mean many of us disagree on the correct pronunciation of the word ( It’s G-if, not J-if) but is there such a thing as using too many?i dont knowRead More »


How Important is Romance In Books?

To answer the question I’ve posed above very, very important. Romance for me is an integral part of the storytelling process. I love reading about it whether it’s the main plot of the book to a small yet crucial part of the plot. Whether it takes place in this world, or in a fantasy world among dragons, magic, and werewolves. A romantic subplot in a book is almost always essential for me to enjoy the complete story.

its super important Read More »

So Much Reading, So Little Time

Sometimes this pesky little thing called life gets in the way and messes up our carefully laid plans of reading like maniacs and slaying our 20 feet tall TBR’s. Life along with time are the two things that I can’t manage to steer of their carefully laid paths, and that has interfered with my reading life. Sometimes there are simply not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything you need to do and read as well, and sleep is one thing I refuse to compromise on. So what to do when both life and time team up against you to keep you from achieving your reading goals: well you fight back as vigorously as you can with the tips I shall present you with below.

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Why Time Travel Scares Me

I’m absolutely terrified of time travel, alternate universe and multiple dimensions. All these things that fall into the realm of theoretical physics I find extremely confusing and just really hard to understand. They make me terrified of their implications, especially in books. That’s not to say I don’t like books that use time travel as a plot device, I love Passenger by Alexandra Bracken, but hearing that the book is about time travel definitely makes me more hesitant to read it. Read More »

The Beginners Guide to Audiobooking

Audio books have been gaining a lot of popularity for the past couple of years and rightly so. They are an efficient and easy way to read (or listen to) books that can be done while multi tasking. On a road trip that requires driving for long hours, instead of reading a book, which can have consequences similar to those of  texting and driving, listen to one instead. Need to spend hours cleaning, pick up some headphones or blare an audio book through your speakers. They are just a great way to keep reading even when you’re really busy, so here are some things I’ve picked up on audio booking. Read More »

Speed Reading?

I’d like to think that I’m a fast reader. Everything else I do pretty slowly but the act of speed reading…I’ve got that on lock-down. For as long as I can remember I’ve always been a fast reader. I quickly outgrew those picture books in 1st grade with a maximum of three words on each page and began reading chapter books that summer starting with those Magic Treehouse and Babysitters Clubs books. Read More »

Why the Chosen One is Always the Best One

Fantasy is my all time favorite genre (argue any other way and you’re wrong) and a lot of the time urban and high fantasy alike are constantly using a certain trope and that is the Chosen One. The word trope is not used in a bad way here, actually if there was one trope I would say I could never get tired of it’s this one. It may seem boring and repetitive to some but if done well each time the book will make you fall in love with it and that is what a good book regardless  of the tropes employed is supposed  to do.Read More »