Review Policy

Hello and welcome to my little slice of the interwebs!

As a book blogger, I enjoy reading and always love hearing from those in the publishing realms. I am currently accepting books for review and am open to both ebooks (ePub) as well as print copies. I’m always happy to read:

  • Young Adult
  • High/Epic Fantasy
  • New Adult
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Science Fiction

Any genre’s other than the ones mentioned above will be reviewed on a case by case basis. I accept review copies from publishers, eBook publishers, and from requesting authors. I will do my best to review books in a timely manner. All thoughts and opinions presented in a review are mine and mine alone.

If you want to send in a request you can reach me here at

Rating System

Here is the breakdown for my rating system.

5_stars.svg.pngI absolutely loved this book. It was amazing and no major fault could be found. It is now and all time favorite.

4_stars-svg I really like this book. It was great but not the best thing ever. It was probably missing just one thing to push it over the edge.

535px-3_stars-svg This was OK. Didn’t love it, but didn’t hate it either. There were some issues with the book but it’s just meh.

2000px-2_stars-svg Did not like this book, there were major issues with it.

2000px-1_stars-svg I really did not like this book.

DNF – Did not finish because I was probably too frustrated.


I hope this was helpful. Have a great day and Happy Reading!