About Me

Hey there! So you’ve managed to stumble across my tiny stretch of the internet where the book nerd life thrives. If you’re reading this then you probably love reading just as much as I do! My name is Ikram and I’m an 18 year-old book nerd from Texas and a self proclaimed bibliophile and coffee addict. I am currently a freshman in college studying English Lit and Computer Science, and in my free time read all the books I can get my hands on!If you couldn’t already tell this blog will be dedicated to all things books. Whether that be book reviews, tags or about writing one ( or attempting to at least).

When it comes to my book obsession, whether it be young adult, romance, historical fiction or fantasy I’ll read it all. If I had to pick a favorite genre though fantasy is the clear winner at the moment! The rare times I am not reading, you can find me binge watching Netflix episodes or writing mediocre poetry.

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So that’s all there is to know about me, hope y’all have a nice day!

Happy reading!






2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I’m the worst procrastinator ever!! I spend most of my Sunday nights doing the 5 homeworks that I’ve piled up during the week and I think I might need some help.
    I do way too many online quizzes tooooo. I honestly spend hours doing them and I’m trying to stop but IT’S SO HARD *sighs*
    Simi ~ simizat.wordpress.com

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    1. We all need help, there is no way to cure procrastination that’s for sure! I’m not ALONE!!! Those online quizzes are so addicting you see one on twitter and it’s like climbing down a rabbit hole! 🙂

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