Blog Redesign + A Little Update

Hey there everyone! It’s been a hot minute since I last uploaded a post. What can I say except I’ve been a little busy. My last post was right after I graduated  and since then the summer has been a bit of a blur. I’ve been kept more than a little busy since I’ve been working full time this summer as I save up and boy, who know a 40 hour a week job could be so exhausting. All I’ve done the past couple months is work, read and sleep.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now this blog is looking quite different. I’ve been wanting to re-design for a while now but I wasn’t sure what look I wanted. Since I first set the blog up almost two years ago nothing much has changed but now it’s completely different. I’m really happy with the look I have now especially with the colors (orange is my favorite color!!). I also spent quite a bit of time on the logo but finally decided that keeping it simple would be best. I debated changing the name as well, but that was a bit too much change for me and overall am quite pleased with the changes, and hopefully y’all are too!

As I enter my freshman year of college, I’m basically getting a new start and thought I could do the same with this bit of space I’ve carved out for myself. Since I don’t really know what college is gonna be like the first couple weeks I may not be as active on here but as I get into a routine you’ll definitely be seeing a lot more of me. I’m moving about 2500 miles away for college (I’m actually flying out this weekend!!) and don’t know a single soul, so this blog is a tiny piece of home I can take with me. I’ve been rambling for a while I am excited for both the blog and school and everything the future has in store for me!

sword crossed

What do you think of the new look? Also how was your transition to college? Any tips you can throw my way are greatly appreciated!

Happy Reading!



2 thoughts on “Blog Redesign + A Little Update

  1. Congratulations on graduating! It’s exciting that you’re entering college! I guess my advice is to remember that everyone is just as nervous as making friends as you might feel! So just approach people!

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