TV Shows I’ve Been Watching Recently

I’ve been watching a lot of television recently, too much you could say. I definitely haven’t been reading as much as I usually do and I place that blame solely at the feet of Netflix. I’ve been watching and re-watching tons of shows to serve as distractions from everything and simply because there are so many good things to watch.


I started watching Vikings earlier this year and I’m still going strong. I’m halfway through season four and am slowly but surely catching up. I took a bit of a break but now I put on an episode every once in a while so I don’t get to far behind. I love watching historical shows so this one was definitely up my alley and I’m loving it.vikingsquiznew_0

The Office

This year has been quite stressful and the only I’ve managed to make it this far is because of the office. Whenever I get home from school, I’ll watch an episode to decompress and then again after I’ve finished all my work as a reward. I’m not watching it in any particular order but will scroll through Netflix to re-watch random episodes.



This is also a show I started watching a while ago but I recently picked it back up again and finished watching the third season. This was highly recommended to me by my dad and I have to say I have really enjoyed it. It’s not one of my favorite shows by any means but it’s fun to watch.


A Series of Unfortunate Events

I loved these books as a kid, even though they scared the bejeezus out of me. I had started watching the first season when it came out last year but had gotten ¾ of the way through. I picked it back up again in preparation for the release of the 2nd season and don’t know why I stopped watching it in the first place. The tone of the show matched the books perfectly and it’s true to the spirit of the series. I’m halfway through the second season and will be finishing it up soon.


Peaky Blinders

This show has been in my to watch list for awhile and one day I decided to just pull it up and finally give it a try. I ended up finishing the first season in under a few days. I LOVE this show, it so gripping, the acting is phenomenal and it plays on all the right emotions. I also now have a new crush on Cillian Murphy, he’s amazing in this show. This was a surprising but well earned addition to my all time favorites.   landscape-1512593834-peaky3

Black Mirror

I’ve been a bit late to the game but I started watching Black Mirror a few months ago when the new season dropped. I’ve heard people raving about it for ages and finally bit the bullet to join the converted masses. I accidentally started watching the 4th season instead of starting at the first and realized my mistake 2 episodes in. I then started watching from the first season but I was already hooked. The concept is fairly unique and the show really does make you think. I can’t watch more than an episode at a time though and am looking forward to stretching this show out for awhile


Honorary Mention

Humanity- Ricky Gervais                          New Kid in Town-John Mulaney

These aren’t technically TV shows but I thought they deserved a mention. I love watching stand up specials and have watched quite a few over the past few months but the two I really enjoyed are the one mentioned above. They really made me laugh out loud and with Gervais special I almost started crying because of how hard I was laughing and had to pause multiple times. I also really enjoyed Mulaney’s special it was an older special (older is a bit relative, it was released in 2012) and I enjoyed that one as well as it had a few lol moments too.


Those are all the shows I’ve been watching recently? Have you watched any of these? What is the best show you’ve watched in the past few months?

Happy Binge Watching!



2 thoughts on “TV Shows I’ve Been Watching Recently

    1. They are sad and dark and as a 11 year old reading them where my version of a horror novel. Yet I feel so nostalgic whenever I watch the series. Neil Patrick Harris is an awesome Count Olaf and it’s so rare to see a faithful adaptation that I couldn’t resist.

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