Top 11 Books of 2017

This year has finally come to an end. I read 179 books over the past year and now the time has come to choose among them as to which are the best books I have read this year. I waited until the last possible second to post this because last year after I had put up my list I read one more book before the year was over and lo and behold it belonged on that list.

I am currently reading six books, and have been dragging them all out over the past week so I don’t mess up this list. Of those six, one of them would for sure make this list (American Gods!!) but I refuse to finish it until past midnight to make it the first read of 2018. Start of the year on a good note. But first to finish of this year, in no particular order are my Top 11 books of 2017.

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Top Ten T.V. Shows of 2017

2017 has been a year of many things and for me it was the year of TV. The silver screen failed to disappoint me and I watched a lot of Netflix (more than is healthy) over the past 12 months. Some of the shows debuted in 2017 some of them were new seasons of past favorites and others classics that I finally got around to. So here are my favorite shows I watched in 2017.Read More »

One Year Later, A Look at Past Resolutions

2017 is coming to an end and boy did a lot happen in the past year. There were hurricanes, floods, fires and political calamities galore. So much has happened that I’ve still yet to process everything that has happened in the past year. Over the past year my blog has evolved as well and going back through my archives I found a little gem hidden in the early days of this small book blog: A New Years Bookish Resolutions. I’ve come to learn I’m not good at planning out things when it comes to following through on said things (hence the mysterious disappearance of monthly TBR’s). So let’s take a look at past me and see how I’ve lived up to her expectations.

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Blog Tour: Fire’s Kiss Review

51ydE8iw91LTitle: Fire’s Kiss

Author: Brittany Pate

Release Date: November 21, 2017

Publisher: Fiery Seas Publishing

Pages: 385

Rating: 2000px-3-5_stars-svg

Disclosure: I was provided a complimentary copy of this book from Fiery Seas Publishing in exchange for an honest review


Embyr tends her tavern while keeping her dangerous parentage a secret, until she’s attacked by a hellhound and saved by one of the most feared men in history. For the last eight hundred years, Ryder McLennon, the infamous leader of Death’s Horsemen, has used his army to hunt the vampire who killed his wife.

He’s earned a reputation as a murderous madman. But in Embyr, he discovers something that could turn the tide of battle in his favor. Her control over fire can reduce an enemy to ash and her flippant disregard of him heats his blood in ways no one else ever has. She’s beautiful, powerful and completely different from her violence-loving brethren.

Embyr finds herself thrust into a war she wants no part of, targeted by a vicious vampire because of her cooperation with Ryder. As she learns to wield her demonic powers without letting the madness of her race overcome her, she also has to fight her attraction to a killer bent on her seduction.

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Blog Tour: Heart of The Highlands Review

heart-of-the-highlands-beast_1Title: Heart of the Highlands: The Beast (Protectors of the Crown #1)

Author: April Holthaus

Release Date: July 2017

Publisher: Grey Eagle Publishing, LLC

Pages: 326

Rating: 2000px-3-5_stars-svg


Disclosure: I received a copy of this ebook in exchange for my honest review.


For hundreds of years, Scotland has battled the English for their freedom. Now, they face a new enemy. In a divided world between politics and religion, the young King James V faces the threat of his own people rebelling against him. As civil war breaks out among the Highland clans, James recruits a secret group of warriors for protection. He calls them the Protectors of the Crown.

Ian MacKay has one mission; to defend the crown no matter the cost. Along with his men, Ian’s mission is to hunt down one of the most dangerous men in the Highlands. But when the daughter of an enemy enters his life, his heart becomes captured instead.

Keira Sinclair has lived a life of peace and simplicity until now. With her clan on the verge of losing everything, she is forced to wed a Laird from a neighboring clan to ensure that hers survives. During her travels to her new home, her carriage is attacked and Keira is taken hostage by a ruthless man.

Caught in the middle of a war that she does not understand, will Keira’s secrets be safe, or will she succumb to the Highland warrior who now threatens to capture her heart?

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My Month in Books: November Edition

The end of another month and the tally of my read books is complete. It’s crazy to me that it’s already December. 2017 is about to come to an end and we have an entire year ahead full of possibilities. But before I get ahead of myself let us now look back at the books I’ve read this past month.


Shadow Rider by Christine Feehan 4_stars-svg

The Darkest Night by Gena Showalter 2000px-3-5_stars-svg

The Trouble with the Twelfth Grave by Darynda Jones 5_stars-svg

I’ve read so many good paranormal books over the past couple years that I sometimes feel as if I’ve read them at all. That of course is not true. After discovering the Charley Davidson series and reading the first 11 books in under a week back in July, book twelve recently came out and I devoured that as well, now a years wait for the finale to this epic series. I also decided to give a couple new authors a try and really enjoyed their books.

Contemporary Romance


Bad at Love by Karina Halle 2000px-3-5_stars-svg

Anti-Stepbrother by Tijan 535px-3_stars-svg

The Fortunate Ones by R.S. Grey 535px-3_stars-svg

2017 has been a year full of romance novels and this month I added another 3 to the read list. They were enjoyable and helped me escape reality for a good couple hours, which is what I hope any good book would do.

How was the month of November for you in terms of books?

Happy Reading!