Fall Book Tag

Fall is my favorite season; the sweaters, the falling leaves the weather. it’s absolutely perfect and October is like the high point of fall so what better time to do the Fall book Tag than now. This tag was created by the Bionic Book Worm and I had loads of fun doing this! 34003-Fall-Leaves-GifRead More »


My Month in Books: September Wrap-Up

Hey Everyone! Fall is officially here, my favorite time of the year. And as their are beginnings there must be ends. September is over and looking back at my read shelf compared to the past couple months my reading looks a little sparse, the 50 books of July and 25 of August has petered down to eight. The school year has been kicking my butt, with all the added responsibilities of being a senior now thrust upon me reading and blogging sadly has had to take a back seat. But with all that I still have read a decent amount of books and here are the books of September. Read More »