My Dream Reading Nook

As a reader, I’m sure we all have an idea of what our dream reading space would look like. Maybe it’s a cavernous space filled with wall to wall books shelves and littered with comfy chairs to read in, or a more intimate space with a crackling fire and a window seat looking out to the ocean or mountains. Earlier this week I was contacted by this furniture company called Arhaus and they asked me to outline what my dream reading nook or reading space would look like. Looking through their selection I basically built a mood board of sorts detailing my dream reading nook.

Going into this I didn’t have any details ironed out for what I was looking for, in regards to the interior. Now in a dream world, I would be living in a small cottage, probably in the Scottish Highlands (I’m more than a little obsessed with Scotland) and would have an entire room dedicated to books, and these are a few things that would end up in that book room in this scenario. As a disclaimer, before you look into what I’ve chosen, I should probably point out that my style has been described to me as quirky and sometimes just downright weird. Now that you’ve been warned, step into my brain and see what my dream reading space looks like. 

Book Shelves


There’d need to be a lot of wall space and yes they’d all be covered with these shelves. I know these kind of mismatch but I think it would look a little weird and eclectic just like me! I especially love the first two, the first one because it has that ladder attached to it which looks super cool, and the second one because it has those witchy vibes like it would be full of weird herbs and I could use them to whip up some poly juice potion or something.



Obviously, the next thing a reading nook needs is a place to sit, I move around a lot when I read, sometimes sitting up at others laying down or in some weird combination of the two. So I went with both a chair and a sofa when I felt like sitting up I’d go to the chair and when I felt like lying down the sofa would suit me quite nicely.



And last but not least, the single most important thing is the lighting or else I wouldn’t be able to see thus making reading impossible (at night or on a super cloudy day). There were so many different options to choose from but I like the look of both the pendant and the lamp and I feel they tie up the room quite nicely. All of the furniture is black so these fixtures will bring some brightness into the room (pun intended).

That’s it for the field trip into my imagination. And after a few hours ogling their website, the search for the perfect pieces to complete my fantasy Highland cottage/personal library is complete.

I hope you liked this post! Let me know what you thought of my dream reading space! I’d love to hear about yours!

Happy Reading!


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