My Month In Books: June Wrap-Up

So far my reading has not progressed as much as I had hoped. I’ve only managed to read 6 books this month but I really thought I would be able to read more but I’ve been in the worst reading slump, this entire month I would start a book read 50 or so pages and just not be able to keep reading even though I really like the book I’m just never in the mood. Even though I am in a book slump I’m glad I managed to read at least 6 books. 


age of mythAge of Myth by Michael J. Sullivan 2000px-4-5_stars-svg |Review|

I won’t go into much detail since I wrote a whole review on this book, but I really did enjoy reading it and since the next book comes out next month I’m super excited to read it. I’ve read some of Sullivan’s previous work but this is by far my favorite. If you want a good epic fantasy, look no further since that’s exactly what this book is. 


Dating You/ Hating You by Christina Lauren 4_stars-svg

Good Boy (WAGs #1)  by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy  4_stars-svg

Stay (WAGs #2)  by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy 4_stars-svg

The Foxe and the Hound by R.S. Grey 4_stars-svg

Tycoon by Katy Evans 4_stars-svg


Most of the books I read this month were of the romantic variety and they were all really fun reads. Romance is a genre I can always read even if I am in the middle of a book slump, and these books definitely helped me out this month so could manage to keep reading. Every single one of these authors is my favorite and anything they write goes into my TBR without a glance as to what they might be about and they have yet to disappoint.

So that was my super short wrap-up! How was your reading month?

Happy Reading!


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