To DNF or not To DNF: Series Edition

When asked to describe my reading style the most accurate representation would be obsessive or very committed. Once I start a book I have to finish it whether I’m into it or not. I always hold out hope that no matter how badly (for me) it begins or seems to be going I have to keep reading just in case it manages to redeem itself. Basically, DNFing books are not my strong book. I very rarely truly DNF books usually I stop reading them and come back to them sometime later and grit my teeth and finish them. But today’s topic is not DNFing books but rather series.

If you thought DNFing books are hard for me series is a thousand times harder. The problem that I had with lone books is compounded. Instead of just thinking the book will get better I remain convinced that the series might get better as the books go on, usually, that is not the case. And that is how I get stuck in book slumps. I have a hard time letting it go even as I lose interest in a series. There are other instances in which I really liked the first book but the second or third one just puts me off but I keep reading just in case it gets better but usually it doesn’t and that means I wasted my time reading something I pressure myself into reading rather than wanting to because I’m interested in.

And that brings me to this question, Is this just a me thing or do you guys have trouble letting go of the potential to a series even though you’re not really interested in it anymore? 

Happy Reading!


6 thoughts on “To DNF or not To DNF: Series Edition

  1. I am the same way about finishing books. I feel like if I’ve sunk the time into reading half of it (or whatever), I’m not going to waste that by NOT finishing the entire book. However, if I dislike a book, I won’t read the rest of the series. That would be hard for me to do! I can definitely see how that would put you into a book slump.
    I found your post through the It Starts at Midnight link up, by the way!

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  2. I have the same problem as well! I have a hard time dnf-ing a book whether I’m enjoying it or not.I seriously think I need to change this habit because otherwise, it’s just a waste of time.
    Great post!

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  3. There are two types of series I don’t finish:
    1. Books I read because they seem important for a reading teacher to be familiar with, but since I didn’t really like it, I can let it go from there
    2. Books that weren’t published when I started the series and I kind of forgot I was reading it.

    Otherwise, I am pretty ferocious about finishing series.

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