The Agonizing Torture Of Waiting For A Book Release

A hard knock echoes on your door followed by a dull thud of a package hitting the ground. You lunge towards the door and grab the package ripping through the paper and promptly sit and read the book that was encased within. After 8 hours in which you devour the book, you’re left heartbroken along with the unquenchable thirst for more. But that book had released just that day and now you need to wait 364 days for the next one.ohmgee

Does this sound familiar, because this was me when A Court of Mist and Fury came out? I had preordered the book and for a full 8 hours I sat on the couch and did nothing but read the book. By the end, my eyes were watering (both from the actual book and the strain on my eyes) and I needed the next book that very second. My heart ached for it. But since time machines haven’t yet been built (get on with it scientist) I have to wait, and let me just say I am not a patient person.i hate waiting

So with no choice, I had to wait. I re-read ACOMAF several times (four and counting) and each time that need grew stronger. I tried to find books similar to quell that need but no luck there, no book could come close to the brilliance that is ACOMAF. My last remaining option was to distract myself and try not to think about ACOMAF, but when you try not to think about something you end up thinking about it anyway. (don’t believe me, well how about YOU don’t think about cheese right now….You’re thinking about it aren’t you)I told you so

Since everything I’ve tried hasn’t worked I’m stuck in this awful limbo and as we get closer to the release date of A Court of Wings and Ruin time seems to be slowing down. I feel like it’s deliberately torturing me and taunting me with this release. It seems so close but yet still so far away. But as I’m writing this with 10 days, 1 hour and 21 minutes to go until the release, despite the agony of having to wait a whole year, I am beyond ecstatic for this book release.imsoexcitedgif

What books have you been anticipating this year? How do you deal with the anticipation? I’d love to know!

Happy Reading!


9 thoughts on “The Agonizing Torture Of Waiting For A Book Release

    • For a lot of books my excitement for a release does decrease after a while but for some authors like Rick Riordan, Cassandra Clare or Sarah J Maas my excitement has no bounds! 🙂


  1. I can totally relate! I loved ACOMAF so much, and I had read it within days of it’s release so having to wait so long for the next book has been agony! Thankfully it’s nearly time! 🙂
    I also just read the first book in Alison Weir’s Six Tudor Queens series, and the next one is due out on the 17th May I think, so I’m unbelievably excited for that to come out! I think May is going to be a pretty good reading month for me 🙂

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  2. Oh the agonizing torture of waiting for the next book in a series. Any one who reads will run into this at least once in their life. I know the feeling!! I actually had to wait 2 years, yes 2 years for the next release in Hidden Legacy series by Ilona Andrews. Yes, they put out other books in the mean time (which I read too), but the wait for the next book was torture. And, then it came the 2nd and 3rd books both in one year and a month apart from each other . OH YES!! So what did I do in the mean time while I waited oh so (not) patiently? Well I read other things and I also reread the first book maybe 6 times and then just before the release of book 2 I reread book one again. ^_^

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