How Important is Romance In Books?

To answer the question I’ve posed above very, very important. Romance for me is an integral part of the storytelling process. I love reading about it whether it’s the main plot of the book to a small yet crucial part of the plot. Whether it takes place in this world, or in a fantasy world among dragons, magic, and werewolves. A romantic subplot in a book is almost always essential for me to enjoy the complete story.

its super important

I see the bulk of a character’s development through the characters interactions with the people around them and who better to show that aspect of a character’s personality than a love interest. It’s hard to get to know the main character through friends because if they’re really close they’ve known each other for a while and already know everything about each other but with a love interest, you learn things from the beginning. Both of the characters are blank slates before they get to know each other and those interactions can help you learn more about your character’s personality.

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If there were no romance in books then we wouldn’t have any swoon-worthy males now, would we? I mean sure there might be a good looking guy in the book. But if the character didn’t like him in that way there’s a good chance that we wouldn’t either. We wouldn’t have any of those moving and slightly cringy declarations of love and that for me is one of the most fun parts of reading, because most importantly romance makes the books more entertaining. It gives us breaks between all the action and feelings of imminent death. this is the best.gif

What are some of your thought on romance in books? Do you think it’s important? Let’s discuss!!

Happy Reading!!


9 thoughts on “How Important is Romance In Books?

  1. I enjoy romances in books, but I also enjoy books without romance where readers get to focus on friendships or sisters or other types of relationships that are also important. I think that it’s valuable to reflect different experiences in literature. Not everyone is interested in romance or wants to have one, so it can be good to have books where they can see themselves reflected in the characters and not feel like the pressure is for everyone to end paired up.

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  2. OMG I love you. From the title, I thought this would be about how UNnecessary romance in books is. I don’t think it’s necessary in general, but for the most part, it is for me. I totally agree that it’s unrealistic the amount of teens getting hot guys in YA books compared to what happens in real life. I agree that we do need some books that focus on friendship and other things. But me, me, me, I can only endure a book sans romance if it’s a physical copy.

    I mostly read ebooks for several reasons, but the main one is accessibility. It saves me time too. So, I want to read things fast in ebooks. And for some reason, books sans romance fall into the category of books I read slowly. So to enjoy them, I can only read those in physical copies. For example, thoughtful books like All the Light We Cannot See. Wonderful, but obviously NOT a romance, and therefore it’s a whole other type of reading process for me.

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    • Ebooks are definitely a blessing and I find it’s much quicker reading books on them as opposed to physical books. I rarely read books without romance but when I do it take me ages to go through them. Sure all books don’t need romance but it is fun to read.
      Thank You!! 🙂


    • Romance is awesome…I wouldn’t say that I won’t ever enjoy a book without romance, I love plenty of those. But knowing that a book contains romance makes me more inclined to pick it up. 🙂


  3. I’m always hesitant about books that don’t have romance because I want my books to have romance… but it’s kinda of like some weird sort of mental block since every time I do read a book without romance, I still enjoy it. I mean, obviously the book itself still has to be good, but I’ve found that if a book is good, I don’t miss the romance. And the swoon-worthy man can always just be the main character instead of the love interest 😉 But I still do like romance and wouldn’t want to read all non-romance books.

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