So Much Reading, So Little Time

Sometimes this pesky little thing called life gets in the way and messes up our carefully laid plans of reading like maniacs and slaying our 20 feet tall TBR’s. Life along with time are the two things that I can’t manage to steer of their carefully laid paths, and that has interfered with my reading life. Sometimes there are simply not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything you need to do and read as well, and sleep is one thing I refuse to compromise on. So what to do when both life and time team up against you to keep you from achieving your reading goals: well you fight back as vigorously as you can with the tips I shall present you with below.

i know thinngs


And when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere. Take a backup book as well. You may never know if fortune bestows upon you a ton of free time, and you end up finishing the book that you brought and so bring an extra just in case. On second thought bring two extras actually, you never know what will happen and so you must always be prepared. Your bag may be a little heavy, but you have to make sacrifices to keep slaying that TBR.sacrifices.gif


You may not always be able to be in the most ideal situations, sure you’re car ride may be bumpy, or it could be crowded on the bus but read anyway (unless you’re driving…not safe). Read in class; stick the book under the table and sneak in a couple pages while your teachers not watching. So what if you miss a bit of the lesson…you don’t really need to know how to derive integrals in real life, learning how to survive a zombie apocalypse is more prepared


Who says you can’t do two things at once? WEAK people who don’t have a TBR heavy enough to crush a small village. Eating while reading is a piece of cake, and it gives you a lot of extra reading time. Walking while reading is next level, sure there is a small level of danger involved (walking into walls, poles and/or doors hurt) but the benefits far outweigh the slightly painful consequences. Multi-tasking is the best way to get some reading done when you’re hard pressed for time (again…don’t read and drive…unless it’s a GPS) In this war against your TBR, you will inevitably get hurt.


Those are all the tips I have for you today! Do you have other ways you use to extend your reading time? I would love to know!

Happy Reading!


7 thoughts on “So Much Reading, So Little Time

  1. Ahahaha! What a fun list 🙂 I’ve long been a big fan of reading while eating/walking. We’ll just ignore that time that I walked into the pole in the middle of my middle school’s stupid double-door way on the way back to class after an assembly. In front of the whole school. It was a good book. #WorthIt


  2. Love this list, although I do take a book everywhere yet at the moment I feel like I never get 2 minutes to myself. I kind of want to hibernate all weekend with it being a 4 day weekend but things keep cropping up. I really think the last point on your list should be forego social occasions. That would help me read more.

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  3. Fun facts ….reading whilst eating done they are food marks on my books still bearing the marks,I have done reading in class ,sometimes I am lucky other times oh well they are seized but as long as I crush my never ending pile it’s worth it

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