Ikram’s Theory of Bookish Evolution

It’s not so much a theory than it is just an observation. Most of us all learned to read at around 5-6. A select few of us got sucked into the book world and have become bona fide book nerd, but although we may have always loved reading books, our tastes in books range far and wide and as we aged (like a fine wine) our reading preferences changed and evolved. I am here to present one such case study. Today we will all see how my reading tastes have changed through my short but spirited seventeen years.


Tiny Ikram (5-7)

This was way back when I first started reading. Like everyone else, I started with those thin paper books in kindergarten with three huge words on each page. I soon progressed towards slightly thicker books with 5-8 words per page. My hazy memory can’t exactly recall a lot of the books I read back then, but a favorite was Clifford the Big Red Dog.NETFLIX, INC. SCHOLASTIC INC. CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG

Slightly taller Ikram (8-10)

I went through several bookish phases during this time period. I got really into the Magic Treehouse series, and the Babysitters Club books and all of those series like that. I didn’t really have a preferred genre at this point, but I did first read Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland during this time which made me obsessed with reading. I started reading Harry Potter when I was about nine and I started to crave magic in all my books (where my obsession with fantasy most likely started). Rick Riordan also entered my life at this point and I became a self-proclaimed Greek Freak!greekmyths

Pre-Teen Ikram [Still pretty short] (11-13)

It was around here when I began the transition towards YA. I first read Twilight when I was 11 (a lot earlier than I should have, now that I think about it). Sparkly vampires where my new-found love. I also read the Hunger Games trilogy when I was 11 and Katniss and Peeta was my OTP (not anymore sadly). After that, I rushed headlong into YA, reading everything I could get my hands on. This was back in 2011-12 when dystopian novels where the big thing so a lot of the books I read where dystopian. When I was 13 my brother began pushing me to read this series that he thought I would love. Not one to take recommendations from my older brother I usually murmured my acquiescence and promptly ignored him but I ended up listening to him months later and I was in love with Cassandra Clare and her writing after that.


Full Blown teen Ikram [Stopped growing at this point, resigned to the fact I’ll forever be short(14-16)

I was still super into YA at this point with only one key difference, High Fantasy became my favorite genre, mostly because of the Throne of Glass series. Another genre I discovered was NA, I found that they usually made great filler books between the heavy YA’s I was reading. I found NA to be super fun to read with plenty of swoon worthy males. I also went through this phase when I was 15 where all I read were classics. Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, and A Tale of Two Cities followed by a plethora of Shakespeare plays and then Homer’s the Iliad and The Odyssey. I enjoyed the challenge of reading classics, they were quite dense and hard to get through but I always felt a sense of accomplishment when I finished (and understood) them.


Present Day Ikram [Loves being short, means I can fit in smaller places and could potentially crawl through air ducts if I ever needed to(17- 

A recurring theme is my love for YA and that will continue hopefully forever. I’ve only been 17 for the past five months so this might be a bit short. I don’t really read classics as much (only when I absolutely have to). I have gained a fondness for historical romances (who doesn’t love witty banter and HR has plenty of that) and have branched into reading non-fiction. My reading tastes have changed quite a bit since I was 5 and they will definitely continue to. Time can only tell what I’ll be reading in another 17 years.


This was a bit of a long post, but one can’t go through one’s life history quickly (you probably can, I just happened to choose not to). Hope you enjoyed this! How have your reading tastes changed? I would love to know!

Happy Reading!


3 thoughts on “Ikram’s Theory of Bookish Evolution

  1. Nice progression! I think I did something SOMEWHAT similar. I also didn’t really have a favorite genre until around 11 or 12, and then I settled into YA high fantasy for a long time (mostly because of Tamora Pierce and Diana Wynne Jones). Then I started to move into YA urban fantasy around 13-14, and then adult UF / Paranormal Romance for most of high school. Then I hardly read at all through college, and now I’m kind of all over the map within the fantasy genre (YA, adult, urban, epic, whatever). I’m very curious to see where you go as you continue reading! Nice post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love Tamora Pierce! I went through an adult UF phase as well. It didn’t last very long but they are really fun to read. FANTASY IS GREAT, throughout all the sub genres! Thank you! 😊


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