Story Time: Meeting an Author for the First Time

I finally reached that milestone. The thing every reader dreams of, meeting the person who created something they fell in love with. The person who single-handedly changed parts of your life with their writing; authors. If you haven’t guessed already by the title of this post, I recently (earlier today actually) got to meet one of my favorite authors for the first time; or to be more specific I actually got to meet an author for the first time!!! AAAAAHHHHHGGGGG.

At this point you’re probably like, “ok Ikram we get the point, who is this author you speak of” and so to answer your question (I can read your minds so I know that’s what you were thinking) today I got to meet….

Drumroll please


Faith Erin Hicks, Lauren Kate, Lisa Yee, Lauren Oliver, Alex London, and Jay Asher. Not just one but six brilliant, amazing, funny people. I was super excited to meet Lauren Oliver, although I haven’t read Replica yet (I’m getting to it) I loved Before I Fall, Panic, Vanishing Girls and her Delirium series (so basically everything she writes). She was so funny and awesome and it was just great meeting her and getting to interview her. 


I moved to San Antonio about three years ago, and most authors on their signing tours bypass SA and go to Austin if they visit Texas, and even though it’s an hour drive away my parents aren’t too stoked to drive an hour just for me to get a book signed in person. 

Anyway, every year my school district has this event called LibraryPalooza, and it’s basically just a small author conference and signing, and for some reason or the other I couldn’t go last year but I finally went this year and it was GREAT! I was actually there as press, because I was covering the event for my school newspaper, so I got to actually interview some of the authors and eat lunch with them and that was both equal parts terrifying and exhilarating, I spent most of the time trying to act cool, collected and professional but I’m pretty sure I looked like a freak


I mean for so long authors have just been a name on the cover of the book, and It was so weird to see that they are actual humans (I mean I know they were but I never really saw them for myself, so I wasn’t a solid 100% sure…I am now). It was so great to talk with them and Lauren Oliver, Alex London and Lisa Yee especially were hilarious, I spent most of the panel laughing.laughing-gif10.gif

I had a great time meeting all these authors, and getting to interview Lauren Oliver and talk about her new movie. If you ever have a signing nearby, I think it’s great that you go, cause it was such a great experience and it’s really fun to meet the people who are behind the books that we love and enjoy and get to be able to tell them that face to face.

Have you ever been to a signing? What was it like? What is one author you would love to meet?


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