The Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

I’m pretty sure the title is pretty self-explanatory. I shall do a tag today. An unpopular one. Here goes…

1. A popular book you did not like

Shiver by Maggie Stievater is sadly the answer to this question, I love Maggie’s Raven Boys quartet but I was sadly unable to get into this book. The writing was beautiful but I just couldn’t get into the story or care for the characters and so I DNF’d it  about 200 pages in.


2. A book everyone else hates but you love

I have seen Beautiful Creatures get a lot of hate online most people I know really dislike this book but I loved it. I read it almost 5 years ago and 12/13 year old me was obsessed with this series. I still have lots of fond memories and although I have no intentions of re-reading it any time soon, for the time being I still love it!

3. A OTP that you did not ship

Ok, so I’ve sat at my computer for hours (more like 15 minutes) and after scrolling through all the books on my goodreads I can’t seem to come up with a OTP I don’t ship. I’m really good at picking an OTP that will last and the few times (more like one) I don’t, I usually come around to the other side pretty quickly so for the life of me I could not come up with a OTP I did not ship in a book. 

4. A popular genre you don’t reach for

I’m usually really good at reading a wide range of genres but Thriller and/or Horror are ones that I will never voluntarily pick up on my own. I’m a bit of a scaredy cat and so psychological thrillers freak me out and I don’t even go near anything close to horror. 

5. A beloved character you hate

I like most characters but Gemma Doyle from A great and Terrible Beauty, irritated me. Granted I read these books awhile ago and I didn’t like the last book because of certain things but when I think back on reading this book  I just remember feeling annoyance for the main character and although I may not have hated her I didn’t love her either.

6. A popular author you can’t get into

I’ve tried reading a couple of Claudia Gray’s book like the A Thousand Pieces of you and Evernight, but I just couldn’t get into the books no matter how hard I tried and I ended up DNF’ing both. 

7. A popular trope you are tired of seeing

This is definitely a cop-out answer but since I can’t think of anything else I’m gonna have to go with love triangles. I usually hate them whenever I see it happen, and whenever I see hints of their being a love triangle in the blurb of the book I don’t even bother reading it, it’s just one of those things that bugs me.  

8. A popular book or series you have no interest in

The Anna and the French Kiss series. I know this is a super popular series but I have no interest in reading any of these books. I’ve seen them around so much and they have been so hyped but I’ve never felt the compulsion to read them and I don’t think I ever

9. The saying goes that the book is always better than the movie, but which movie is better than the book

I know, the book is always better but Ella Enchanted’s movie was just a fraction better than the book. I actually watched the movie before I read the book and that may be influencing my thoughts. I felt that the movie was a lot funnier then the book and there were some additions that the movie had that I loved but that it one of the few instances when I think the movie was better than the book.

What are some of your unpopular opinions? Do you agree with any of my answers?

Happy Reading!


4 thoughts on “The Unpopular Opinions Book Tag

  1. I think the Ella Enchanted movie is kind of unoriginal from a storytelling point of view. They just took the character names and slapped them onto a modernized/medieval fantasy romance. But I still love it, every time.

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  2. Oh I relate to a lot of your answers!! 😀 I really don’t get Claudia Gray’s books either and I haaaate love triangles. I mean, I’ve read SOMe good triangles, but mostly I just #nope. There’s been too many anyway and it’s just getting frustrating seeing them. I also don’t read horror, but for the opposite reason because it NEVER scares me and I just end up giggling at everyone’s dumb decisions.😂 I’m terrible!
    I loved the post!

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