The Beginners Guide to Audiobooking

Audio books have been gaining a lot of popularity for the past couple of years and rightly so. They are an efficient and easy way to read (or listen to) books that can be done while multi tasking. On a road trip that requires driving for long hours, instead of reading a book, which can have consequences similar to those of  texting and driving, listen to one instead. Need to spend hours cleaning, pick up some headphones or blare an audio book through your speakers. They are just a great way to keep reading even when you’re really busy, so here are some things I’ve picked up on audio booking.

  1. Getting Into Audio Books.

Audio books can definitely be a little intimidating and hard to get used to, it’s definitely a hit or a miss, you either love them or you hate them; but I find that the best way to get used to audio books is to listen to a book you’ve already read so you can get used to the format. I started off with The Mortal Instruments series and made my way through the series via audio book and I definitely got the hang of it and  loved it towards the end. This is a great way to dip your toes into the world of audio books and get to learn whether it’s right for you.

  1. Choosing An Audio Book

There are some books that are great for audio books and some not so much. It really depends entirely on you. I find that books that are heavy with dialogue make the best audio books, because I tend to zone out with long paragraphs of flowery description and then I miss a lot of important info. Again this may be just me, but it’s good to figure out which book types or genres you prefer in audio book form.

  1. What To Do When Audio Booking.

Sometimes you’re not on a 12 hour road trip or have to spend multiple hours folding laundry and just listening to an audio book while doing nothing is hard. I tend to get really fidgety if I just sit somewhere with nothing to do so I need to find way to occupy my hands as I listen to my audio books. A fail safe that I always use is to do some coloring whenever I listen. This serves two purposes, one: listening to my audio book, while keeping myself totally occupied and two: actually making time to go through and color in the coloring books that often get neglected on my shelf.


So that’s all you need to know audio booking! Do you do any of the above? What are your thoughts on audiobooks?

Happy Reading!


6 thoughts on “The Beginners Guide to Audiobooking

  1. I’ve all but given up on audiobooks. If I hate the narrator, it’s all over. Then, I just get distracted listening to them. I zone out and miss half the book. Or I realize the narrator is reading really slowly and I could read the book myself in half the time. And if I try to multitask by listening to the book while walking places or doing chores or something, I miss parts because of a loud noise like a bus driving past and I have to keep going back. I feel like I can’t win sometimes. :p


  2. I can’t really multitask when listening to audiobooks, unless I’m doing something mindless. I don’t understand how people listen and drive. I’d surely crash if I did that! I do like audiobooks, however, to listen to when I’m exercising or don’t really need to be particularly alert.


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