The Valentines Day Book Tag

It’s Valentine’s day! The day where people around the world celebrate love with their significant others. I, on the other hand, being excruciatingly single (not that there’s any problem with that ;) ) will spend this Valentines eating a ton of chocolate, drinking gallons of tea, and reading a great book! I thought a great way to get into the spirit of things  was to do a Valentines inspired book tag, since books are my constant and reliable companions.

1. Favorite couple ever – you want to have their relationship:

Jamie and Claire Fraser! I am literally in love with Jamie Fraser as everyone here has probably guessed by now. Jamie and Claire’s relationships are legit goals, they go through so much and they make it through all the trials of their unconventional lifestyle and their love burns stronger for it.


2. Relationship that never happened – you wanted them to get together but they never did:

I’m usually really good at betting on the right relationship when I read a book, but one time that my I’ve one against a relationship in a book is in Harry Potter. This is really weird but I’ve kind of always secretly shipped Draco and Hermione, I knew that they would never happen but maybe in some alternate reality that could happen. 


3. Your ‘bookish’ crush:

*coughJamie Fraser *cough* But since I don’t want to be repetitive, I would definitely have to go with Jace from The Mortal Instruments, he’s so funny and I live for his one liners and witty comebacks. 


4. Favorite feel-good romance:

I’ve lately been reading a lot of NA romances and on I would recommend everyone read Is the Off Campus series by Elle Kennedy. They’re sweet, romance stories that’ll have you laughing out loud.offcampusseries

5. Favorite genre to add romance to:

I’m a slightly picky reader in which most everything I read has to have a romance but high fantasy with romance is great. High fantasy on its own is great but once you add a little romance it becomes ten times better.

6. Your Favorite Tragic Love Story – like Romeo & Juliet – No Spoilers! – A couple whose relationship was cut tragically short.

One Word: Allegiant!


5. Your Favorite Love Triangle

I’m not the biggest fan of love triangles, they just make me frustrated most of the time the endgame person is super clear so I personally don’t see the point, but one love triangle that didn’t really bother me as much was the Clary-Simon-Jace one in the Mortal Instruments, Cassandra Clare is an amazing writer and I just think the way these relationships were handled were great!

That’s it for my Valentines day tag. What do you think of my answers? What are you’re plans this Valentines day? I would love to know!

Happy Reading and Happy Valentines Day!


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