Speed Reading?

I’d like to think that I’m a fast reader. Everything else I do pretty slowly but the act of speed reading…I’ve got that on lock-down. For as long as I can remember I’ve always been a fast reader. I quickly outgrew those picture books in 1st grade with a maximum of three words on each page and began reading chapter books that summer starting with those Magic Treehouse and Babysitters Clubs books.

I had always flown through books at an ungodly rate reading two or three of those books in a day and while then I never thought much of it now that I think back on it that was insane. I mean I knew I read fast but I never really knew how fast until high school.

My freshman year I read close to 300 hundred book, reading two (or more) books every day. After meeting many like-minded bookish people, I learned that not every person reads as fast as I do.  And that got me thinking what constitutes a person who reads fast, I mean I may actually be a slow reader but I just dedicate more of my time to reading than other people may do, or vice versa for others.

While most of that probably has to do with the fact that I have no life, I think some of that has to do with the fact that I read “fast. But then again most people have social lives so I thought this would be a good place to spark a discussion about reading speeds. I mean what is normal? To fast? To slow?


Tell me what you think below? What type of reader are you?

Happy Reading!



10 thoughts on “Speed Reading?

  1. I know I am not only a slow reader, but I ALSO don’t have a ton of time for it. So why, you might ask, am I a book blogger? Because it helps keep me passionate ABOUT reading. But that’s a whole separate topic 😉

    When I was super young, I was a very fast reader compared to my peers. And then my peers caught up with me, and I never got faster at reading. And I know I’m a slow-ish reader, because a coworker and I will start reading an article at the same time and I will finish dramatically later than her. Now, I am faster than your average non-reader. But in the reading community? I am slow. And I think, for the most part, I’m okay with that. I’d love to read faster, but I also don’t want to start missing the aspects of books that I enjoy so much or something crazy just because I decide to try to go faster.

    A lot of it I think is because I take a lot of time to digest the information as I go. I actually “read” audiobooks faster than I would actually READ the book because I don’t re-listen to passages (at least, not much), I don’t get hung up on typos, I don’t go about debating about whether or not I would put the comma there, etc.

    I do have pockets of reading really fast / a lot, if I’m SUPER entrenched. I read The Name of the Wind in one day, and that’s a pretty massive book. I also didn’t get any sleep and totally decided to go home from work early to finish it. (I was “sick” as a result of “not being able to sleep the night before”). And I think that was the perfect combination of having the time AND motivation to not only finish quickly, but actually read FAST.

    Great post!

    ~ Michelle @ FaerieFits

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    • Thank You!! Yeah I guess everyone just has different reading patterns, all that matters is that you love reading and that you continue to do so.
      On a separate note, I LOVE The Name of the Wind, that book is HUGE. It took me a couple days to get through that!
      Thanks again!!


  2. I read pretty fast, which is good because I have a lot going on and can’t dedicate tons of time to reading. I tend to read a book in a day or two. If I could dedicate most of my day to reading, I could definitely read two books in a day. I start to get antsy when a book takes me more than a couple of days to read! 🙂

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  3. I’m not a fast reader, but I’m ok with that. I’d rather read at my own speed and really get into the story. If I try to read faster, I don’t end up fully processing the words or feeling the emotions or anything. I tend to get a good amount of reading done simply because I have no life and put a lot of time into lol.

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  4. I’m a fast reader. I know there are faster readers out there, but I’ve only ever met two in real life. I think it’s partly due to being raised without a TV (in the time when that was the only screen in most households), so books were my entertainment, and I am NOT willing to have my stories spread over time. Ideally I finish a book the first time I pick it up. Two days during the week, or one day on the weekend, is pretty normal for me. If I’m reading something to learn, then I have to slow way down. I can only deal with audiobooks if they’re of super dense books, or nonfiction. Otherwise I get too impatient and just find a physical copy to finish the story with.

    The downsides are 1) I only really remember books I’ve read multiple times and 2) because I like to finish a book all in one rush, as I’ve grown to be a busy working mom I rarely tackle hefty or serious books that will have to be spread out over time, because I don’t think I have the brain capacity to keep focused like that! My mom was a slow reader, but she KNEW the books she read really deeply.

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  5. I don’t know that there’s a normal reading speed. I can read novels fairly quickly, maybe a page a minute, but I don’t read textbooks that quickly. And if I am reading to really understand something or to research or something, speed reading would be undesirable because the goal for me is to look closely not to fly through.


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